The Team
at Stock Up News

We are fun, competitive and high energy team. We have a diverse team with a background in TV news stations, software development, public company management, B2B trade show business, etc.


Integrity is one of the building blocks of our business. Our relationship with our all our stakeholders is based on trust, honesty and transparency. We consequently hold our staff and our business partners to the highest integrity standards.


We try to be fair and respectful in all our dealings and treat our stakeholders as we would like to be treated.


Sharing is an important value. We believe that sharing successes and giving credit where credit is due is the best way to maintain a good team spirit.


Just as we take credit for our successes, we take full responsibility for our failures. We act quickly to address issues in a sustainable manner. More importantly, we learn from our mistakes and use the lessons learned to improve. We take responsibility for everything we do as a team and as individuals.


We highly value teamwork. We encourage healthy debate and diversity but at the same time we place team goals above individual goals. We truly view our team as an extended family. We use the complementary skill sets and the cohesiveness of our team to bring the best out of each one to the benefit customers, investors and partners.


We seek excellence in everything we do and we strive not just to meet the expectations of our customers, but to exceed them.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

An entrepreneurial spirit and a certain dose of enthusiasm and perseverance are very important as they get us through the inevitable downs. They also help us identify and seize opportunities others may not see. They finally make it easier to relate to and interact with the entrepreneurs that we partner with.


Success breeds success. But for success to be sustainable, we know how important it is to stay humble and avoid complacency and arrogance.

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