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the emerging leader in human corporate communications

Stock Up News is an online stock market news video channel where public companies and retail and institutional investors meet. The channel includes short 5-10 minute video news and 30 minute virtual investment conference presentations. We connect investors and public companies around the globe by providing a more human, genuine, authentic and personal investor relation with the utilization of video and technology.

The problems

we are trying to solve

  • No time for new ideas

    There are around 10,000 stock symbols to choose from in the US and near 50,000 worldwide

    According a PR Newswire study 51% of the investors read the public filings of a company before investing and 21% read them partially. Given that some filings are hundreds of pages long, how many invesment ideas an investor can afford research?

    Considering the vast number of options and the time it takes to research, the investor ends up researching only what is known or very familiar leaving potential great investment opportunities untapped.

  • No influencial power

    Investors and shareholders are influenced by journalists, bloggers and activists.

    Most companies don't have a corporate face and or voice to influence investors other than press releases and filings. And therefore they don't have the tools to address rumors and misinformation.

  • Zero awareness

    Most of the public companies have zero investor mindshare. Not because they are bad investment but simply because they fell out of favor in the mind of journalist, analysts and bloggers.

  • Investors want online video

    In 2012 there were 182 million US Internet users watching video online. 50% of the tablets users watch video on it. From sports to politics and now investor relations, video has become a pop culture phenomenon.

    Online video consumption continues to surge, and has most recently outpaced TV consumption. This year, Nielsen found that more people are watching video online at least once per month than watching TV at least once per month.

    Additionally, Cisco Systems reports online video made up 56 percent of consumer web traffic in 2012, up from 51 percent in 2011.

We are...

the emerging leader

We are the emerging leader in human corporate communications. We are a dynamic high energy team of TV news broadcasting experts and software developers with a public company and investor relations background with the passion to deliver outstanding customer services.

Our Mission

  • Best investment discovery tool

    Empower investors to discover and assess new investment ideas in an efficient manner through the use technological innovation. We will provide the number one tool to help investors uncover and quickly assess investment opportunites in the most efficient manner. Similar to Amazon and YouTube where the consumer is adviced on similar products to watch based on historical behavior.

  • The human touch

    Help our customers maintain a corporate face and voice in the market to build trust among stakeholders with a human, genuine, authentic and personal touch.

Our Goal

To become the #1 online stock market news channel with reputation of having a more human, genuine, authentic and personal touch.

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