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The Stock Market News Video Show technology platform is the future of online video. It adds interactivity and context to the online video interview, pulling financial information and company information into the action in real time. In addition it has the ability to interview an executive remotely via video conferencing which means no travel costs.

Breaking out of the box

Dynamic video content

Video arrived to the web 10 years in a small box and there it has remained completely disconnected from the data and content all around it unlike the rest of the web that allows linking and bringing content from multiple sources.

In fact in over a decade since video came to the web all it has changed has been the size of the box and quality of the picture

Stock Up News platform changes all of that; it is an online tool that allows combining the video with content pulled live directly from the web. Video created in Stock Up News behaves like the web itself, dynamic, full of links and interchangeable and finally allow to break free from the frame.

So while you watch a video interview, all the information associated with the executive and their company is brought together including stock charts, management bios, board bios, how the company makes money, market opportunities, public filings, company news, company presentation,and performance of comparable stocks.

It's on video

The highest level of engagement

Online video consumption continues to surge, and has most recently outpaced TV consumption. In 2012 there were 182 million US Internet users watching video online.

A video is worth 10,000 words. The executive video interview humanizes investor communication by having an unrehearsed - unscripted spontaneous dialog and an attempt to engage the viewer's emotions.


Connects the video with related information

It empowers investors to discover and assess new investment ideas in an efficient manner through the use of our platform. It connects financial data, company data, management data and web data. Also, similar to Amazon and YouTube, the platform recommends similar videos to watch based on what others have watched.

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Identify unrecognized growth opportunities

Only with video you can read management

by looking at face expressions

Decipher whether management is truly enthusiastic about something, or is merely going through the motions.

Does management appear to actually believe in what it is saying? Is it genuine and open about both the risks and the opportunities?

With video you can read between the lines and watch for any catalysts that could drive earnings going forward.

All the company data

at your finger tips

The lower third part of the screen includes among other elements a stock ticker that shows in real time the stock quotes of the presenting companies as well as companies in the same industry.

We report news

No stock promotions

We do a real analysis of the company and ask the questions an investor would ask should he or she had the chance to have a one-on-one meeting with the CEO. We don't promote stock, recommend stocks or own any security of the companies we interview.

Weed out companies

with uncertain futures

Getting the most out of an video interview is all about reading between the lines: listen carefully to what management is saying as well as how they are saying it, looking at the financial performance, company news, stock performance, comps, management bios and try to connect the dots.

Watch it on every device, anywhere in the world

Least Buffering Possible

Reduced video loading time

These versions are stored on a network of servers all over the world, which instantly measure each viewer’s connection and deliver the best quality video with the least buffering possible.

Works on Every Device

Smart phone, tables, laptops, etc.

This means crystal clear video anytime, anywhere, on any device.

HTML5 or Flash

Ready in multiple resolutions

All video presentations are automatically encoded to Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions.

Save tons of time, your time is very valuable.

Wherever you are,

at the office, home, hotel...

Our online video CEO intervierws has opened the doors to all of us by allowing us to communicate with one another without geographic barriers. So, no matter where you are you can watch the virtual CEO interview.

Whenever you can

which is really convenient

Most investor conferences require that we are available the day of the conference and that we have the time to travel back and forth to the conference site. The new model allows to accommodate to watch the CEO interview on demand at your convenience.

The questions most

investor want to ask the CEO

What ifs: What if the company's flagship product fails What if the market for the company's products dries up? What if another competitor enters the market? What if the company needs to raise money in the future? What if a key person at the company quits, gets fired, or dies?

Is cash sufficient to fulfill the plans? Credit lines? Plans on stock or debt offering? Interest to refinance debt? How about acquisitions? Layoffs? New markets? New Products? How are you planning to promote the stock? New talent?

Uncover opportunities from one place

All the stock relevant

information at your fingertips

Tons of features

Here are some of them

While you watch the video presentation, you can do all the research on the company without leaving the video CEO interview page.

Here are some of the features:

A video interview with management is priceless to the investor.
Executive bio at a glance
Company summary
Market opportunity summary
Guest social media links
Company social media links
Public filings
Recommended video to watch
Key executives’ bios
Business model
Board of director’s bios
Real time stock performance of the company and its peers
Financials that is expandable to see more details
Company news
Latest press release


word by word

Some of the video CEO interviews include our smart transcription which links its text to the video, word by word, making it possible to navigate the video by searching for key words or clicking on the text itself.

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