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PR Newswire curstomer press releases with multi media assets such as photos, video and downloadable files can help achieve up to 9.7 times more views than text only press releases

Why online video interviews
Facts and Numbers to make some sense out of it

The Stock Market News Video Show produces online one-on-one interviews with CEOs, CFOs, equity analysts and industry experts. These interviews are available 24/7 to investors. In this section we will review some facts and numbers to understand the logic of why a public company should invest in online video communications.

How are you standing out? Too many stocks


There are around 10,000 stock symbols to choose from in the US including stocks from NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTC Bulletin board, etc.

There are around 50,000 stock symbols to choose from worldwide including London Stock Exchange (LSE), Deutsche Borse (incorporates Frankfurt Stock Exchange), Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles (BME), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEx), Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange), among many others.

It takes multiple exposures of your equity story for an investor start to start to consider your stock


In the advertising world, the mere-exposure effect suggests that consumers need not cognize advertisements: the simple repetition is enough to make a 'memory trace' in the consumer's mind and unconsciously affect their consuming behavior.

Are you communicating with potential and current investors on planned frequency and purposely delivery the same equity story over and over?

Online video consumption continues to surge, and has most recently outpaced TV consumption. Are you using online video to connect with investors?


In 2012 182 million US Internet users watched online video. The industry has seen record-breaking numbers of both content videos watched and video ads viewed during that period.

From sports to politics, video has become a pop culture phenomenon. 2012 saw the emergence of the first "Online Olympics" and the first "digital election" due to the number of online videos streamed and social media impressions of both.

Video content has become a standard in email marketing, as it greatly increases the likelihood of email opens. How are you using video in your investor relations initiatives?

Press releases with video content can boost number of viewers


According to PR Newswire 2012 Web Analytics study reveals that a press release with multimedia assets such as photos, video and downloadable files can boost the number of press release viewers by nearly 10 times (9.7x).

At Stock Up News every executive video interview is accompanied by a multimedia press release.

Conclusion: Plan on more video for your investor relations initiatives


Online video helps you tell a richer story, reach a wider audience, drive deeper engagement and integrate immediate action into your investor relations message.

In summary, you are going to see much more video, across many more screens. Plan for it, and if you haven't already done so, hit the "play" button and be on our show regularly.

Be on the show

Your information is 100% secured
and will never be shared.

Only publicly traded company executives and analysts can present at the show.

Nothing beats a first great impression

Impress your investors

with a Bloomberg, MSNBC, & Fox style

Nothing beats a great first impression. Our executive videos screen elements are similar to those you find in the top financial channels such as Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, Fox, etc.

Real time stock ticker

Of your company and competitors

The lower third part of the screen includes among other elements a stock ticker that shows in real time the stock quotes of the presenting companies as well as companies in the same industry.

Professional host

20 years on TV, Fox, ABC, NBC, CW

JD Maher is the host of the conference and introduces the executives with the company. JD Maher has been on TV in news shows for over 20 years including affiliates of FOX, ABC, NBC, and CW.

Delivery on every device, anywhere in the world

Least Buffering Possible

Reduced video loading time

These versions are stored on a network of servers all over the world, which instantly measure each viewer’s connection and deliver the best quality video with the least buffering possible.

Works on Every Device

Smart phone, tables, laptops, etc.

This means crystal clear video anytime, anywhere, on any device.

HTML5 or Flash

Ready in multiple resolutions

All video presentation are automatically encoded to Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions.

Save tons of time, your time is very valuable.

Wherever you are,

at your office, home, hotel...

Online video conferencing has opened the doors to all of us by allowing us to communicate with one another without geographic barriers. So, no matter where you are you can be on the show.

Whenever you can

which is really convenient

Most conferences and shows require that you are available the day of the conference/show which means additional time to travel back and forth to the location. The new model allows to accomondate the interview & presentation to your schedule, record it at your convenience and our platform will show it only after the date and time indicated. For instance, we can record the an earning call video interview the day before the earnings is released, but the video will only be available to investors after the earnings release.

All you need is Skype

and a good connection

The single most poplular way to communicate with video aground the globe is Skype. It is installed in most computers because it is so easy to use. Keep in mind that the quality of the video will depend on the speed of your internet connection. So, wherever you are find a good internet connection.

All investment information in one place

The investor has it all

at his/her fingertips

Tons of features

Here are some of them

While the investor watches the video presentation it at the same time do all the research on the company without leaving the conference.

Here are some of the features:

A video interview with management is priceless to the investor.
Executive bio at a glance
Company summary
Market opportunity summary
Guest social media links
Company social media links
Public filings
Recommended video to watch
Key executives’ bios
Business model
Board of director’s bios
Real time stock performance of the company and its peers
Financials that are expandable to see more details
Company news
Latest press release
Company presentation slide deck


word by word

If you choose to, our smart transcription which links its text to your video, word by word, making it possible to navigate your video by searching for key words or clicking on the text itself.

Search Engine Optimization

Because our transcription tool associates searchable text with your video, adding transcriptions gives your video a boost in search results.


presentation slides

If you choose to, we will make available to the investor the slide deck used during the video investor presentation.

Measure and improve your video presentations

Measure what matters

and improve your presentation

The first step to improving your equity story is to start measuring it. As you learn what engages your audience, you can use that data to inform and improve your next videos investor presentation.

Video Heatmaps

Learn exactly where to improve

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which part of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and rewatched. You'll also see what videos they've watched before, so you can learn what your investors are looking for.

Engagement Graphs

tells you where you lose viewers

Aggregating this information shows you where people drop off and which content performs best with your audience. Use Trends to see how your entire video library performs over time and helps build your audience.

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